Welcome to Mafana Island Beach Backpackers

Mafana Island has a tranquil beach and is situated on the quieter eastern side of the Vava’u island group. Mafana Island is only 15 minutes away by boat from the old harbour, Nieafu.

We are a secluded eco-backpackers with exclusive bamboo tree fales on our island beach. Lower priced Beach fales are perfect for families and budget guests. 

Our self catering beach kitchen is equiped with a gas cooker, pots, pans , cutlery etc.

You can also cook your fish on our bbq and enjoy our nightly bonfire on the beach.

Fresh rainwater is available at all times.                       

* Free Kayaks available

* Anchorage just off the beach

Our resident manager and Peanut (the island cat) is available at all times to make your stay at our paradise island an unforgettable experience!


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