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Bamboo Tree Fale Accommodation
Enjoy the stunning view on your private balcony in our bamboo tree fales.
Memory foam matresses, pillows, fresh linnen and mosquitoe net ensures a comfortable sleep in these beautifull natural surroundings.
Tree fales come equiped with its own rainwater shower and hammock to laze the days away.
$90 TOP per fale double or twin or single
Beach Fales
$80 TOP per double or twin  2 persons per night
$55 TOP  single occupancy  1 person per night
Due to our low impact policy we only cater for a max of 8 guests at a time, so make sure you book your exclusive break away!
 * Boat transfers are $15 per/person each way and all children free.
 * Kayaks for free.
To book, send us an email to or fill in the form here. You can also contact us by phone. (+676) 8449960
Snorkel trips to Kenutu Island or Disappearing Island ( Sand Cay)
Those adventurous snorkelers out there can arrange for a spectacular snorkel trip at nearby Kenutu island. It has some of the best underwater visibility in vava'u!
Experience a pristine sand cay called Disapearing Island at low tide
$75 TOP per person for our guests from Mafana Island
Please arrange by phone. (+676) 8449960
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