On Mafana and surrounding Islands

Mafana Island has a great sandy safe beach , perfect for swimming , snorkelling and kayaking.

Other smaller beaches including a tiny neighbouring island can be reached at low tide.

Go reefwalking and collect your own clams and seagrapes or fish and cook your catch on the beach bbq!

Enjoy bonfires on the beach under the starry night sky...

Explore the jungle with its plantations , flying foxes and unique birdlife.

Experience outstanding snorkelling with some of the best visibility at nearby Kenutu island by boat at $75 p/p only for our guests.

Experience swimming at a pristene sand cay.

Meet  the neighbouring island villagers in Olo'ua or Ofu island.

Nearby surfing for experienced surfers only.



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                                   Kite surfing in Vava'u

Mafana Island Backpackers is the perfect base for kitesurfers.

Vava’u’s warm un-crowded tropical waters and constant trade winds allows us to kite all year round.

Take a daytrip from Mafana Isalnd to nearby Dissappear Island (sand cay).

This secluded pristine sand cay is the perfect place for beginner and advanced kite surfers at $75 TOP per person for a daytrip.

Other great places in Vava'u for kitesurfing is Mounu Island. 




                  Other "must do" activities can be arranged

Experience a lifetime oppotunity to swim with humpback whales!

Go on snorkel and diving trips in vava'u's crystalline aqua waters.

Fancy fishing in one of the hottests fishing spots in the pacific. Catch anything from Blue, Black and Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi mahi, Wahoo, Sailfish or Giant Trevally!

See the islands the best and ecofriendly way. Go sailing! Various yacht trips available to cater for all needs.

Participate in local traditional cuisine and attend one of many tongan feasts (umu)

Or if you are into adventure sports , go off road karting, kite surfing or jet kayaking!


Contact us if you want to arrange any of the above.

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