Guest reviews 2014

What a great little island hideaway...........a fantastic time
Wish I could bring this memory with me back home to everyday life.
Thank you Behan for being a wonderful host
* Drinking rum with fresh coconut juice
* Awesome snorkelling trip to neighbouring reef
* Watching the boys attempts to catch fish......hilarious
* Talking the night away at bonfire on the beach.

Chris Davidson. From Scotland

What I remember most was my early morning walks to a deserted neighbouring island with the most spectacular views I have ever seen...breathtaking!

Free Kayaks!

Free Kayaks available for our guests to explore Mafana and neighbouring islands!

Guest Reviews 2013

"Thank you for setting up my desert island fantasy !
Beautiful views at Mafana Island..." - Michael Osborn , San Francisco

"Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on your island of paradise was unforgettable. The music of nature to wake up to, birds and the lapping of waves. Campfires at night, kayaking and snorkelling around the island!
Thank goodness for the fresh coconut milk, it went so well with our gin.
Watching the sunrise left us in awe. Thank you for the great hospitality.We will be back." - Nancy & Bruce, Auckland , NZ

Welcome to 2013

Mafana Island Backpackers welcome all travellers to the new 2013 season. Whether you come to swim with the humpback whales, kayak and snorkel the crystal waters or exploring uninhabited islands...Mafana Island is the place to stay.
Due to our great reviews and customer feedback last year we decided to expand this season.
We will have two extra beach fales available this season. Perfect for families and backpackers that prefer affordable eco island this space.

Guest reviews 2011/2012

"Stayed in the wonderful new bamboo fale on stilts, divine big bed and million dollar views... perfect. Behan is full of love for the land and the Tongans and gives a great insight into how people live here. Will definitely be back and bring family." Sue and Mark New Zealand June 2011

"The first honeymoon couple on Mafana Island. It was magical to be here listening to the waves and breeze. We had a great time walking around the island and wading through to the small islands. We really felt like explorers.

Kitesurfers Paradise

Mafana Island backpackers is the perfect base for beginner and advanced kitesurfers in Vava'u.
Experience Kitesurfing at nearby secluded Dissappear Island (sand cay).
We offer kitesurfing daytrips from the island for our guest @ $40 TOP per person!
Vava’u’s warm un-crowded tropical waters and constant trade winds allows you to kitesurf all year round.
Please bring your own equipment.

Come and expand your consiousness at Mafana Island Backpackers in 2012!

Mafana Island Backpackers welcome all travelers, seekers of truth, peace and natural beauty at our sirene paradise island.
It is the perfect place to get away from it all in 2012!
Go back to Nature.
Book now to ensure a space as we only cater for a max of 6 guests at any time!

Exciting new additions for 2011 season!

We are very excited to announce the newest addition for this 2011 season!

Starting beginning June 2011, we will proudly have two brand new "traditional fales" built on the beach!
They are built with bamboo and traditional woven coconut leaves and blends into the trees overlooking the beach. Each have a fantastic view from a balcony and a private rainwater shower as you step down right on the sand!

To make our guests even more comfortable, we now have brand new memory foam matresses!

We still have our spacious tents available for those who prefer to zip up.


Tonga Energy Road Map 2010-20 - to Reduce Tonga’s Vulnerability to Oil Price Shocks and Achieve an Increase in Quality Access to Modern Energy Services in an Environmentally Sustainable Manner.
Aims to achieve the ambitious target of 50% of Tonga‟s energy coming from renewable sources within three years. This target establishes Tonga as a world leader in embracing a low-carbon economy,and represents significantbenefits for the tourismindustry!

lets hope this is the beginning of a green future for tonga!

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