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i would like to apologise straight away for any slow updates and delayed responses on this blog.

i do live on a uninhabited , remote island ( apart from myself, some fruitbats and other zany creatures)
up untill now i dont have an internet connection on mafana island. basic electricity and a light at night proved challenging enough!

so bear with me when i chuggle across to the main island once a week with my laptop in a plastic bag in my rundown , pre second world war army boat to get supplies and check emails.

welcome to mafana island beach backpackers blog!

hi to all fellow beings and nature lovers

my name is behan eloff and mafana island is our beloved project.
im an ex south african, ex brit and for the last two years trying to be an active tongan!

firstly i would like to salute mother nature , because that is what its all about for us here.
in a wild and vastly disfunctional world, nature is all that ever really mattered and the only force that can save us all or destroy us!

if you're not into nature then unfortunaley there is not much to keep you entertained out here.

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