welcome to mafana island beach backpackers blog!

hi to all fellow beings and nature lovers

my name is behan eloff and mafana island is our beloved project.
im an ex south african, ex brit and for the last two years trying to be an active tongan!

firstly i would like to salute mother nature , because that is what its all about for us here.
in a wild and vastly disfunctional world, nature is all that ever really mattered and the only force that can save us all or destroy us!

if you're not into nature then unfortunaley there is not much to keep you entertained out here.
we try and reconnect here to everything we lost out there......

lots of love
aka crazy island dweller


Hello you crazy island dweller!
Good to see you've managed to figure out the technology and I look forward to reading about your adventures on the blog!

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